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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Yes Lauren Southern is racist, sorry June

Sooo... I didn't think I would be writing this but I am getting worried for June (many of you know her as ShoeOnHead, or you know, ArmoredSkeptic's daught... I mean girlfriend). She is a sweet girl, I like her and find her videos entertaining and all. But lately she's been defending Lauren Southern awful tweets so much, you start to wonder if A:she knows what Lauren believes and preach about, B:If June herself agree with her (I don't think so) and C: if June is just too affraid to call out a friend when she says stupid shit online.

For those who don't know, Lauren Southern is a Canadian right wing online personality. She got herself known for her work at Rebel Media, a conservative online media site with a youtube channel. She did for them "journalist" work (she basically just traveled somewhere in the u.s, rarely Canada, where there was a leftist protest or antifa/black lives matter protest happening to complain about them, counter protest, like with the slut walks, and play the victim, like with antifa. She also traveled in Europe for them to rant about immigration and muslims.)

Lauren got popular very fast, from unknown in late 2015 to a very known name in the online politico-sphere of youtube in 2017. I guess it's because she's a charismatic young pretty blonde woman with very traditional views. That seems to seduce a lot of conservatives for some reason; I mean it's almost a meme that female right wing pundits are often blonde pretty women. 
Along the different people that contributed to her fame, by making video collabs with her or interviews, there was ShoeOnHead, June. They made a funny video joking about the fact many people wanted to vote for Hillary Clinton simply because she has a vagina. From that point on, anyone following these two can see that they are friends, or at least very friendly acquaintances. 

Earlier this year, in March, we learned that Lauren left Rebel Media.  There was rumors that she was pressured to leave for having dissenting opinions, in particular regarding race, with her bosses and co-workers

However, those are just rumors, I don't know if they have even an inch of truth. It's likely that Lauren pressured or not would have leaved anyway eventually, given she's a rising star for the alt-right (which June defended her of not being before, but Lauren doesn't really hide that, so June ceased to claim she isn't alt-right lately) and that the Rebel Media crew is apparently not right wing enough for many of their Southern loving fans. Just google "Lauren Southern quit/leaves Rebel media" and on the first page you get, alt-right reddit boards, the dailystormer and stormfront and a bunch of similar sites all praising her and ranting against "Jewish Rebel Media".

Of course her having the support of white nationalists doesn't mean, de facto, that she is one herself, that wouldn't be fair of me to say that. So that's why I prefer to add her videos and tweets to the evidence pilling up to support the theory that she is at the very least racist, if not outright white nationalist. 

Recently, Lauren made two very controversial videos, one titled: "the streets of Paris" and one titled: "the Great Replacement".  Both of which caused twitter shitstorms. Let's start with the "the streets of Paris"

That video is a silent video of her walking with her camera turned on in what seems to be the poor neighborhoods of Paris. Unsurprisingly for a metropolis the size and scope of Paris, that poor area seems to have, at least if you only take Lauren's shots on the place for evidence, a majority of non-white residents, some of which seemed Muslim. The juicy bit is not the video, I mean it's silent, even if the implications are... Questionable, it's not very shocking, no the fun part start in the description.

The part saying " the women were not wearing their hair in French braids" does sounds a bit racist to me. "She was just joking/using it as an example" sure, whatever. She does seems to be joking a lot about those kinds of topics eh?

Anyway, moving on, Southern says in that description that the migrants are replacing the French people. Which is exactly the theme of the next video, "The Great Replacement". A video where she used the ideas of Renaud Camus, a man infamous in France for his extreme right and racist views. He has as much mainstream relevance as a potato. Marine le pen is seen to the left of him. Seriously.
The idea of the great replacement is so simple it's childish really "the colored folks are erasing the whities" oups sorry should have said "the cultural French" or some bollocks like that. 

Yes, the veil is thin, anyone with a brain and basic knowledge of the extreme right must have noticed it's an euphemism for the terms white genocide, that ridiculous idea that because white people are doing mixed marriages and have less kids than the overall black, latino or asian demographic that this somehow constitute a genocide. Last time I checked, white people were neither actively castrated or killed, so how is this a genocide? Would you also call the diminishing population of birds due to global warming a genocide? Preposterous. Plus it's not a replacement if the previous population remains you dummies. Can't even get their bloody racist terminology right for fuck's sake.

But if all of this wasn't enough, there is Defend Europe. What is that you ask? Basically Lauren's way of pretending she has any real political impact beyond fap material for edgy kekistanis. More seriously, it's a project for which she raised thousands of dollars for. The Defend Europe project is all about using a ship to stop "NGOs pretending to use rescue ships for rescues from practicing human trafficking and smuggling migrants from Africa into Europe."
Yeah I did not just make that up. Southern and co think NGOs that rescue migrants risking their lives crossing the sea are actually smugglers. Of course she has no evidence. To her credit, there is surely a few boats out there that while hired by a NGO are probably doing smuggling instead of rescuing, that is bound to happen, but I doubt it is to the scale she claims it is. Plus, you can't just know from a glance which ships are smuggling and which are rescuing if you go with the base assumption that they are targeting big NGO ships, so them blocking any ship is just hindering the work of legit rescuers more than the smugglers. 

Despite succeeding for their test run, they probably won't do it again, Patreon removed both Southern and her project from the site. Jack Conte, CEO of patreon, explained very clearly why they did it: Lauren's actions were putting other people lives at risk. "But they just blocked the ships, they didn't shoot them or anything!" you might say, and while true, remember that those are rescue ships, the people they just rescued might be severely dehydrated, famished or sick, they need urgent medical attention, so any delays for these ships could mean people could die. (Plus Lauren was shown a while back shooting signal rockets at migrant boats. That could have harmed someone.). 

Lauren and her clique claims those aren't rescue ships but human traffickers. True or not, the people on the ships were probably sick or dehydrated, and still needed medical attention. So there's that. 
It isn't Lauren's right to choose who enter Europe or not, if border enforcement let those rescue ships in, smuggling or not, she can't intervene. If she's so concerned and have evidence of specific ships being used for human trafficking, why don't she just report them to the authorities? Oh wait I know why! It's because it isn't as glamorous to just report it, she wants to be in the center of attention, doing shit herself. Silly me. 

Then there is her book.
I read it.
It's titled "Barbarians: How baby boomers, immigrants and Islam screwed my generation" since I'm in my early twenties as so is Lauren, I guess she meant I was screwed too huh?
The title alone hints at her real views, and oh boy that the content doesn't disappoint! While short, it was both hilarious and painful to read. I swear at one point she wrote that liberals want abortions for women pregnant of nine months! You can't make this shit up!
She also said really, really awful stuff. 
For example she said the comparison between immigration and a bowl of skittles with a handful of poisonous ones was "too flattering" so she compared them to gummi bears that gives you constipation or diarrhea (it isn't clear). How charming. 
She also spent a good chunk of that book selling herself as some sort of conservative martyr that stood up against the tyranny of left leaning university and college professors. She makes herself looks like a vulnerable, yet strong willed individual who opposed evil close minded and biased leftists. I had similar feuds with a leftist teacher myself (and I am also a leftist) but I can tell you that her stories look as fake as her hair. She tries to guilt trip her audience by saying stuff like "I used to believe this left belief, but now I know better" and using that false martyr narrative again. She used Jordan B Peterson a bit too. His theories about correlating intelligence and personality types to political alignments in particular. Oh and she compared the millennial generation (so mine and Lauren's) to "French bulldogs bred to be useless,almost incapable of procreation with comically big heads". The book in general is full of hasty generalizations, and view many groups as more extreme than they are (all the left is SJW to her it almost seems) or just plain wrong. I didn't touch the chapter on Islam for a reason. 

So Lauren Southern is quite the character. She might be a super nice person if you meet her face to face, but her views definitely are racist. I am sorry if this offends you, but I can't just use an euphemism like intolerant or close minded, she is racist. There is no word that describe her views and actions better than that one. Well that and bigot maybe. 
I know it might be hard to admit if you like her or are her friend, but hey if even family members can have terrible views, what makes you think your friend can't?

So yeah, Lauren Southern is racist. It's not an exaggeration, I am not using the loosely definition used by SJWs, I am using the standard one. I will probably talk about Peterson next time, he is also an interesting character. See you next time -KeLvin