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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Let's Talk About Donald Trump: He Isn't Fit For Office

               Soooo, I stayed relatively silent on the topic, I said before I didn't like Trump or Hillary, but that Hillary was indeed the most reasonnable choice. I didn't talk against Trump much, I expressed my personal dislike of his policies, his reputation, and actions, but I never made a case against him, despite that I am against all he stand for. So there is it.

1. Trump has NO experience in politics, and it's already showing. 

     Easy one, Trump doesn't know how politics work, he doesn't have enough experience to handle situations that would require to be delicate and cautious, he shouts and rant. He nominated upon office people that should NEVER hold positions of power, like Ben Carlson for Housing, Andrew Puzder, a fast food CEO for Labor or Goldman Sachs banker James Donovan as deputy Treasury secretary. How can people believe he's  a populist and care for the little guys after those nominations? I mean do people remember he just chose Supreme Court judges that oppose abortion and gay marriage just so he could try to attack the wins american society made on those grounds? Which brings me to number 2...

2. Trump is socially conservative on abortion, gay marriage, and was a leader of the birther, climate change is an hoax  and vaccines cause autism movements.

      Trump is anti abortion, chose Mike Pence as Vice-President, a man that funded electroshock ''therapy'' to ''cure'' homosexuality, was one of the loudest voices of the slanderous movement against Obama, claiming he wasn't born American but Kenyan, despite that he had all the paperwork to prove he was american, from Hawai to be exact? Let's be honest  birthers only said so because he is black, a white  president would never be doubted on his birth place. Trump also believes climate change is a chinesse hoax, or that it doesn't matter, he already shown his disdain of the environnment by cutting  funding for environnmental protection. Trump is also one of  the cretins that keep pushing that vaccines  cause autism or that millions of illegal immigrants  are frauding the elections, that's Infowars levels of crazyness. 

3. Trump is not for the middle class at all.

    Trump is already using his privileged  position of President to help his children's businesses or give them positions of power. He already expressed his desires to help the rich even more. He don't care about the middle class. He wants to repeal Obamacare, which despite being imperfect, helped millions of americans get access to health insurances. Most americans are for a single payer healthcare ( yes even right wingers) yet Trump isn't. He's all for money in politics, he's not ''draining the swamp'' he's feeding it. And remember that he nominated businessmen with no experience in positions  of power...

4. Trump's hatred of the media  is dangerous. 

    I'm all for making the media accountable, of making sure they don't report lies and libel people. But Trump is doing a disservice to the american people by attacking them so much. When he made his opening speech, there wasn't ''the most people on a opening speech ever'' there was less people than on Obama's speeches, so , the media accurately reported there weren't so much people. Yet Trump lied, even when presented undeniable evidence, he kept a  straight face of lies. 
  Trump shown a desire to stiffle media power in the United States. That's worrying, he banished all media that could oppose him or make him accountable from the white house, he only allowed his cheerleaders. I know the media is  biased, all medias  are, but why would the left leaning media lie about Trump now that his mistakes are so huge they need no exageration  to sound horrifying? I mean Trump chosing Steve Bannon as  his key advisor, chief strategist, should be a red flag... Bannon is from Breitbart, an extreme right ''news'' site that was cheerleading for Trump all along. Of course  such a man would encourage Trump to  destroy all leftist media... I don't know what Trump has planned for the media, but weakening folks' trust in  the media is a bad thing. The media isn't perfect, yet we need them, to at least try to keep politicians accountable, counting only on Trump's team for news from the white house is an obvious attempt at controlling information in his favor. Which, is , of course, the first step of any autoritarian: get rid of opposing voices, or even better, make people doubt them more than they doubt you. 

5. Trump is an horrible person. 

    Mysoginist, racist, xenophobic, elitist... Trump is just an  horrible person, Hillary might have been double faced, but the  only  face of Trump is so disgusting I'll rather take my chance with one of those faces, than the one Trump is showing.